Roadside Clean-ups Across the State Help Keep NH Beautiful

May 19, 2015
by Paula Dow


The results of the state-wide, local, road side clean-ups are pouring in and I’d like to share some of the overwhelmingly impressive stats with our readers.  So far this year New Hampshire the Beautiful has given away 311 cases of Litter Free Blue Bags.  Each case holds 500 bags.   Over 1525 Volunteers and DPW workers across New Hampshire have teamed up and scoured over 545 miles of NH roadways to collect and remove 8431 bags of trash and recyclables from our beautiful landscape!  Absolutely AWESOME!!  Keep up the great work New Hampshire!

Valley Pride Day, Pass it along…

Valley Pride Image 1These numbers include results from an outstanding event that takes place in Carroll County each year, Valley Pride Day.  Donna Woodward has been organizing this even for years and had this to say about this year’s event:

We had an amazing day last Saturday. The Valley Pride Sponsorsweather was perfect and the turn out was a record breaker. Every community reported that they had more volunteers than ever before. We pulled tons of litter off the roadways and was able to recycle a large part of it. The roll off that you see in the picture was placed at the Hampton Inn for people to bring their bags too.

This represents only the town of Conway and only about 30% of what was picked up. Most of it went to the transfer station.

Our efforts have been recognized by other areas of Maine and NH and even Canada. They have been in touch asking for the formula of our event so they can start Pride Day in their area on the same day (First Saturday of May), expanding the visibility and building litter awareness across the state.

My plan this year is to go to the state and ask for the first Saturday of May to be sanctioned as “Community Pride And Litter Awareness Day”.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or can help me in any way to make this happen please share with me. I feel that after 15 years of efforts it is time the event receives some justified recognition and acknowledgement.

Again, thank you for your support and sponsorship of bags for 15 years in a row now.



Thank you Donna, and everyone who participated in this event!!

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