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2 weeks ago

NH The Beautiful
NH Transfer Stations: The ordering process for our new sandwich board sign grant program is live on our website. Demand is exceeding expectations...a good thing! If you have already ordered yours and are on the wait list, please be patient as more are on the way. Getting them in and ready takes time. Supplies are limited. If an A-frame sign or two would help at your facility, get your order in soon. Thank you for recycling!! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

NH The Beautiful
Plastic bag bans are not a solution. Did you know that your local supermarket chain will take your plastic bags? That includes grocery bags, bread bags, etc that are not soiled. Look for the bins usually located just inside the entrance to the store. Those recycled bags will become someone's backyard deck.😎 WHEN IT COMES TO RECYCLING, KEEP IT LOOSE! That's right, though your recycling habit may be in the bag, your recyclables should NOT be! For single-stream or curbside recycling, unless your recycling company tells you otherwise, ALL material should be put into your recycling bin loose.Source-separated recycling should get sorted individually at the transfer station or recycling center. DO NOT toss bags of recycling into your recycling hoppers or piles, the plastic or paper bag could easily contaminate the whole load! 🧐 (The ONE exception may be scrap paper or shredded paper. TALK TO YOUR TRANSFER STATION FIRST, but some do take these little bits of paper enclosed in a paper bag.)#nrrarecycles #nrrarecycleright #recycleright #recyclingbestpractices #recycling #keepitloose ... See MoreSee Less
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The Northeast Resource Recovery Association

NH Department of Environmental Services

Elm Research Institute

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