NH the Beautiful, Inc. Awards Recycling Equipment Grants to Coos County Recycling and Towns of Rollinsford, NH; Dunbarton, NH; Weare, NH; Washington, NH; and Northwood, NH

May 19, 2023
by Freeman Sands

Epsom, NH: On May 4, 2023, the New Hampshire the Beautiful, Inc. (NHtB) Board of Directors held their quarterly board meeting at the offices of Northeast Resource Recovery Association in Epsom, NH.  During this meeting, the NHtB Board voted to approve Recycling Equipment Grants to the following towns.

  • Coos County Recycling (which services 5 transfer stations in the Coos County area) was awarded $5000.00 toward the purchase of three hook-lift roll-off containers used to collect recyclable materials from the multiple locations and bring them to the recycling center to be processed.
  • The town of Rollinsford, NH was awarded $5000.00 toward the purchase of a refurbished Baler to help them bale their mixed paper which will allow them to better market this material.
  • The town of Dunbarton, NH was awarded $3409.00 towards the purchase of a can crusher which allows them to make larger/heavier bales of aluminum cans, the crusher also has a magnet to remove steel cans for separate baling making both material bales cleaner and more desirable in their respective markets.
  • The town of Weare, NH was awarded $5000.00 toward a vertical baler.  This baler is replacing a much older one which has fallen out of repair. Baled material is a more desirable commodity to purchasers of recyclables and helps conserve space and time at the recycling center while keeping them in compliance with the local recycling program.
  • The town of Washington, NH was awarded $1500.00 toward the purchase of a roll-off container which would be dedicated for the storage and collection of glass materials to be recycled.
  • The town of Northwood, NH was awarded $4500.00 toward the purchase of a hydraulic compactor to replace a much older compactor which is no longer operable.  The compactor is dedicated to compacting the recyclable cardboard bales allowing for more dense bales which maximizes storage at the facility.

The NH the Beautiful Equipment Grant program is available to any NH Municipal Recycling/Transfer Station.  The grant program is meant to assist New Hampshire communities with the purchase of equipment that will help facilitate or improve their municipal recycling programs.  For more information about the New Hampshire the Beautiful Equipment Grant Program or to apply for a grant, please visit their website.

NH the Beautiful, Inc. (www.nhthebeautiful.org) is a private non-profit charitable trust founded in 1983 and funded by the soft drink, malt beverage, and grocery companies of New Hampshire. By offering municipal recycling grants (over $2.5 million) and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to recycling programs, NHtB is a unique organization that represents a voluntarily funded collaborative effort by the grocery and beverage companies to develop comprehensive programs to address litter issues, recycling challenges, environmental awareness and education.  The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (www.nrrarecycles.org) is the administrator for the New Hampshire the Beautiful programs.

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