New Hampshire communities are eligible to apply for funding to assist with the purchase of recycling equipment. Grant applications are considered on an individual basis and funding may be up to 1/2 the purchase price of the equipment. While we will not help with the purchase of land, studies or buildings, we do help fund the purchase of  balers, crushers, roll-off containers and other equipment that will help a community achieve higher diversion rates. Additionally, we support recycling in NH schools by helping with the purchase of recycling collection containers and trailers through the NH School Recycling CLUB.

Recycling Equipment grant applications are accepted on a rolling schedule, with current applications being considered every two months and up to 9 months given to allow communities to purchase and install suitable equipment. Grants are paid as a reimbursement to communities after they have purchased the equipment. Priority is given to communities demonstrating the greatest need, where the funding can help the greatest number of people, and where money has not been previously expended. Equipment purchased with NHtB grant money must be used exclusively for recycling and communities that discontinue their recycling programs must either repay NHtB or, where applicable, work with NHtB to transfer that equipment to another community for use in recycling.

To Download a grant application:

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it.
Follow this link to open a copy of the grant application. In the uppermost left there is a disk icon for saving the application and printing later as well as a printer icon for printing the application form right away.


The RecycleMobile was developed to help make recycling at special events low-cost, highly visible and efficient. It is a simple to use, eye-catching recycling unit consisting of a fiberglass box with six collection holes (3 per side) that is attached to a 4′ by 6′ trailer and houses six – 32 gallon barrels. For more information regarding reserving this for your special event follow this link¬†

recycle mobile

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